Monday, June 4, 2012

Bagels and Cream Cheese

In my life bagels and cream cheese has been something ordinary the fill the void between meals . This weekend that changed a little . As my love and I are sitting eating an amazingly fabulous meal this weekend ( so good all that existed was her as I gaized into her beautiful blue eyes and the meal that was encapsulating my senses so much that nothing else existed as I ate each perfect bite ) she suggested we get some bagels and cream cheese next saturday and sit down and plan an adventure or at tleast a direction to point a car . Whether it's heading to Multnomah falls or the coast , garage sailing ( hopping from garage sale to garage sale ) , car hiking , a meal - whatever we feel like .

For me this has created an exciting promise that starts with a simple meal  . It's like magic I felt when I was younger sitting over my bowl of cereal excited about heading into the world without a care in the world and no planned direction , just excited to get out there .

This morning without thinking I reached into the cupboard to grab my bagels for my morning coffee and her promise hit me and a warm,fuzzy feeling came over me .

Thank you my love for giving me a moment to look forward to where we can put all worries of work and life to rest for a day and sit with a simple meal and head out to conquer the world - even if for just a day . It;'s such a simple thing - just like bagels and cream cheese :)

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