Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Melt Bistro and Bar - - 716 N.W, 21st

  This is a place that alot of my friends outside the food groups have been talking about . Found a few things that really made these guys standout . They are firm belivers in mise en place ( everytging in it's place ) , good , fast service  and fresh , local ingredents .

Bacon blue cheese wedge - OUTSTANDING ! super fresh iceberg lettuce wedges with homemade blue cheese dressing ( a personal weakness ) and fresh cooked bacon . This hit the spot .

Daily and cocktail cupcakes - chocolate mint ( made with real creme de menthe - just like an andes mint only better ) , maple bacon and red velvet ( my fav ) . they are very generous with the homemade frostings and the cupcakes are super moist , no milk required .

Grinder sandwich - cured meats , provolone , hot peppers , tomato , basil . the heirloom tomato they used was the stand out for me . the peppers oveshadowed everything else which i took off later and found a pretty good sandwich .

parmesan fries - real italian parmesan on fresh cut fries

this place will require a couple more trips . They do a happy hour that starts at 2 and tomato basil soup with a aged cheddar , como sandwich i must try .

They are reasonably priced and one of the few places on 21st serving lunch . If nothing else the good service and salad was worth it .

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